Budget reporting / automated budget controls

Budget reporting / automated budget controls

Hi Zahara community,

I'm wondering if other organisations have faced ongoing issues with the budget features for departments with monthly budget allocations?

We faced a period of several months last financial year where our budgets (set as excluding VAT) were picking up the VAT element of a purchase in the budget progress report as 'spend' and leaving the available budget below the actual budget amount. After months of back and forth this error was fixed, and we enjoyed a period of budget controls functioning well.

We seem to be facing another budget challenge now, where the column on the progress report for 'budget carried forward' is not equal to the previous months budget.

The technical team are aware, but i am wondering from a community perspective if others face similar challenges or it is isolated to us?  Essentially, i'm trying to gather some anecdotal evidence for my very frustrated board of trustees that the budget control features of this system do work, and that the issues we are facing are isolated to us and are not a part of the system.