Zahara has been updated today with some new features and refinements to make the experience faster and more efficient.

Save & Create New
When creating an invoice or an order, you will notice the new switch on the final tab "create new" - if this is enabled, on save, you will be taken to a new blank create screen, instead of the list of orders / invoices. This is designed to save time when batch processing documents.

Invoice Inbox - Redirect Back
When creating an invoice from the invoice inbox, on save, you will be taken back to the Invoices Inbox instead of the invoices list view. This is to assist with batch processing.

Finance Dash Board
We have removed the two graphs on the finance dashboard as these largely wasted time. The Finance dashboard now loads much quicker. We will add additional counters in the next release with more useful information.

Approval, Buyers & Receivers Dashboard
We have also removed the graphs from the additional dashboards which again served little purpose and created an unnecessary load on the page.

Batch Close Orders
You can now easily close orders. An Admin can head to Admin > Settings and into the maintenance panel. In the Close Order area you can batch close orders per Business Unit, and choose the criteria. The information icon explains what it means to close a fully matched order. Closing orders removes the order from the drop down list when matching with an invoice, as well as the display list, so is quite useful. You can re-open an order any time you need to and you can find closed orders as well by searching with the "show closed orders" icon enabled.

Reset Matching
You can now reset the order / invoice matching. There is a new icon in both an order and invoice that are linked as matched. This icon will reset the matching and effectively release the two items. Please remember on matching, it is the order line items that create the match. You have to include those line items to get the two items to effectively join up.

Business Settings - Vertical Tabs
The tabbed Business Unit sections were getting a little unruly so we have adopted a vertical tab system to make it a little easier to navigate.

GRN Dashboard - Show my own
We have created a new filter on the GRN Dashboard to show the user their own orders, filtering out other users orders.