Release 42

A new release has been issued with new features and refinements as follows

Invoice Line Items Report
Following a user request, we have added the Last Approver's name to the above report. This will appear on the list view on screen and on the Excel spreadsheet. A pre-release to this was to increase all report lengths from 500 lines to 5000 lines.

Automatically Close Orders
A further expansion of the closing orders functionality has been issued. In Business > Settings > Maintenance, you will see the settings to enable the automatic closing of orders - you have two choices - Fully Matched or 90 Days. Click the i icon to see the details of each.

Invoice & Order Approval Steps - edit line item description and comments
For orders, you can now have the same functionality we have provided for invoices - the ability to allow or insist that the approver edits the nominal code / cost code or Project code. We have now also expanded this to include the editing of line item descriptions and the comments box. As an example, as part of the approval - Approve / Reject - the approver must also add a comment or perhaps edit the line descriptions.

Following feedback from the Zahara users, we have changed the search to be contextual so that you now select what you want to search. The majority of searches are for invoices so this is the default search - searching for invoices numbers. The second most popular search is for purchase orders. You can still search across line items as before with an "All" search. This is designed to provide faster results and create less strain on Zahara searching across large data sets unnecessarily.

Bug Fixes
Various reported bugs have been resolved.
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