Managing suppliers, products & controlling pricing

Managing suppliers, products & controlling pricing

Please watch the video below for an overview of supplier and product management

Products can be added to supplier records in a number of ways:
  1. Bulk import the products
  2. Add individual products
  3. Add products when creating an order
  4. Add products when creating an invoice


Restricted Buying

If you have negotiated pricing with your suppliers on specific products, you may want to stop your buyers from adding or creating their own products. You can do this by ticking the box that says "Restricted Buying" under the defaults tab of the supplier record. Once this supplier is selected in the purchase, the ability to add line-items is removed. The buyer can only select from the pre-set product list.

Allow / Restrict Adding Products

You can allow products to be added to the supplier record every-time an order or invoice is created, provided the product code is populated on the line item and provided the "Enable Line Products" option is ticked on the supplier record. This enables your product catalogue to be built on the fly. However, you may absolutely not want this as well. In which case, untick the setting on relevant supplier records. By default, the adding of products is enabled.

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