Editing an order

Editing an order

Documents > Purchase Orders > PO Number

Click the PO number from the list view to go into the Purchase Order.

You have a list of 'document actions' in the top right.

You can edit an order by selecting the 'Edit' option.

If set, any editing of the PO / Requisition will force the re-running of the workflow. This is set by the administrator in Business Settings > Workflow as shown below

business settings

Permissions to Edit An Order

Users have to have the correct permission set to be able to edit an order.

An Originator can edit their own orders, provided they have the “update”  purchase order permission.

In addition, anyone with the Finance role can also edit orders. If the user doesn’t see the edit icon, it will be for one of the following reasons:

  1. They are not the originator
  2. They don’t have the update permission set
  3. They don’t have the finance role.

Permissions and roles are set in Admin > Settings – if you cannot see this, you are not a systems administrator and you will need to speak with your systems admin.

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