Email Attachment Processing

Email Attachment Processing

Email Attachment Processing

Downloading emailed invoices

SmartInvoice has a built-in email collector. You can connect to an IMAP email account and then automatically download attachment documents – PDF / Tif / JPG.

There is no filtering though, You can set this us in SmartInvoice in:

Tools> Email Import


SmartEmail is a premium tool we also offer that will not only download the attachments but run a number of processing stages as well. This includes rendering up emails as PDF for those suppliers that send their invoice in an HTML format. It also includes making read-only PDF’s readable – essential for OCR processing. The main feature though is the filtering. Specific actions can be undertaken based on the subject of the email or send or content of the Body of the email.

SmartEmail is an extra module for your Zahara / SmartInvoice experience. Ask for details and pricing.

Details are on this web page: 

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