Exporting suppliers out of Sage 50 for Zahara

Exporting suppliers out of Sage 50 for Zahara

Staging Data for Zahara

If you are a Sage 50 user, one of the things you may want to do is export your Suppliers, Nominal Codes & Tax Codes. To do this, and to get the values we need in Zahara, we recommend you follow these simple steps:


From Sage 50, open suppliers and click Report (at the end of the menu bar)

Choose Supplier Details, Then choose Supplier Record CSV

Click Export

Change the type to CSV


Chart of Accounts – Nominal Codes

Click Nominal Codes (left menu bar)


Nominal Details

Nominal List



Tax Codes

Click into VAT  (left menu bar)

Click Reports

Click Miscellaneous (left menu)

Click Tax Code Details

Click Excel

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