FileDirector Overview

FileDirector Overview

The video below gives you an overview of what FileDirector is and how it works. The important URL in the video is:

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      Setting Up The Workflow Step  The video above explains all of this article as well. There is a workflow step to archive documents in FileDirector. File Director is a world-class document management system. To use this step you will need an on-premise ...
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      These are the typical user issues Problem Response The user cannot login but they are a registered user The user account has been created but the user hasnt been assigned to a Divison or provided with a role. Check their assignment, role and ...
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      Adding & Managing Users Your license with Zahara is for named users. This means if you need to register a new user, you need to make sure your license count will allow for a new user. If you are taking a trial, the you have unlimited users for the ...
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      The video below explains how the Web edition works. The important URL for accessing the web edition is: