Group approvals

Group approvals

Group Approvals

With approvals you usually want somebody to take ownership and to take action.

Group Approvals are for those who have a team of people where anyone in the team can approve. Perhaps its a project team or a flat authority.

You can create a workflow step where you select “Group Approval”. This means you can send an approval to a group of people and choose how to allocate it in the group.

The options are:

  • Broadcast” – everyone gets the approval email and the first one to approve does the approval. This is literally “Broadcast” to everyone in the group.
  • Round Robin” –  which means we send in an order. So if you have Bob, Dave & Sue in the Group, the order would be Bob to get the first one, then Dave to get the second approval request and Sue to get the third one. Bob would then get the fourth one and so on.
  • Dynamic”  – This is where we take into account who is the fastest approver, who is actually working and not set on absence, and who has the least approvals to do. We created an intelligent algorithm to decide the best person to approve it in the group.



You can also select a “Time Out” for the Round Robin & Dynamic option – this means that if the approver hasn’t taken action in the allotted amount of hours then it will go onto the next person in the group.

Epic Fail 

There are handlers in the Group approval for things like everybody being off and anything to avoid a perpetual loop. In one of these circumstances, we will fail the approval and leave you with a warning so you can take action.

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