How to create email forwarding into Zahara - Office 365

How to create email forwarding into Zahara - Office 365


When using the Zahara Invoice Inbox, you have the choice of telling your suppliers to send invoices directly into Zahara or you can setup forwarding of invoices from your existing email account(s) into Zahara. This article  assumes you use Microsoft 365. 

Individual forwarding from Outlook 

You can have individuals forward emails from Outlook but specifically you can be granular and only forward invoices. You need to create a Rule and we suggest you do this in the web based version of Outlook.

Click the Cogs icon top right 

Then page down and click the Outlook settings link: 

Now click into Rules - and Create a rule 

The rule above will catch the majority of invoices but you may need to adapt this for any of your suppliers who use other words in the subject. 

Central Forwarding 

It's very easy to setup Shared mailboxes in Microsoft 365. You can then provide users access to this Shared Mailbox and setup forwarding. However, we recommend you dont forward your "" into Zahara's invoice inbox because we will start to receive emails that we will ignore - like Statements and Correspondence. 

Perhaps create - instead. Give this to your suppliers and explicitly tell them where to send their invoices. Then setup forwarding into Zahara as shown below: 

Setup the exclude emails in Zahara 

Once you have setup forwarding, make sure any new email addresses that will forward are included in the exclude box in Business > Settings > Address as shown below: 

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