Invoice PDF saving using Zapier

Invoice PDF saving using Zapier

Pre Requisites 

You will need a paid for account at Zapier - Currently this starts at $19.99 per month. Create an account if you don't 
already have one. 

You will need the preview link for Zahara which is here: 

Available storage apps

Now you are ready to create a link between Zahara and a cloud-based storage platform. These currently include: 
  1. Google Drive 
  2. DropBox
  3. OneDrive 
  4. Box
  5. Amazon S3

How it works 

Zapier is event driven integration. It's a really versatile "glue" that can join apps together. Very much "if this then that". So in our case we can say "when an invoice is created in Zahara, make the PDF available to this app". 

We use Zapier (and Microsoft Flow which is similar) to join up many different types of applications. As you submit a form on our website, we will message the sales crew using Microsoft Teams. If someone signs a proposal we will update our stats module in our CRM and then make a mention in Teams. We love Zapier!

So in Zapier, click to create a Zap - "Make a Zap"
Search for Zahara as your starting app as shown below: 

Click Zahara (vey invite) 
Now, we need to choose the Event Trigger - you can see what we offer here - but lets choose "New Invoice PDF Created"

Now click Continue - 
You will be promoted to connected to Zahara. You will need to get your api Key from Zahara for the Business Unit you will be connecting to. This will be in Business > Settings > Advanced (You will need one Zap per Business Unit you wish to set this up for) - Copy and paste the API key into the field below as shown. 

Once you have a connection, you will need to Test Trigger - this should fetch the very last invoice PDF you created (as part of creating an invoice - so the very last invoice you created)

You should see something like this: 

Now we have a source to test agains, we can go onto to set where we want t save the PDF. We will choose OneDrive and the event - "Upload a File"

You will need to add your OneDrive credentials etc 
Next you will need to specify under File the value from Zahara - that will be available when you click show more or you search for pdf. 

You can then make up the filename with the values you have available - in my example I am using the 'supplier name' - 'Document Number' - this is in fact the Invoice Number. 
Now you can test you file transfer from Zahara to OneDrive (or DropBox etc)
With DropBox you can specify the file type - PDF - which is preferable. 

N.B - With OneDrive - a file extension isn't provided. Adding one manually in the destination folder or using 'Open With' and say Acrobat - will show a PDF has actually been saved. We will see if this can be changed asap. 


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