Invoices List - Zahara 3

Invoices List - Zahara 3

Invoices List

The 'Invoices List' in Zahara 3 is where you'll find all the invoices associated to the business unit you're logged in to.
To access the list select 'Documents' in the main menu, from there choose 'Invoices (beta)'. This will take you to the new 'Invoices List' in Zahara 3.
Documents > Invoices (beta)

From the 'Invoices List' you can perform a range of actions.

New Invoice

You can easily add a new invoice by clicking the '+ New invoice' button in the toolbar. This will take you to the 'Create Invoice' screen.

Export selected invoices to your chosen integration

The 'Export' button in the toolbar will export all selected invoices using your designated integration export type.
Your export type can be found by selecting 'Business' from the main menu. From the sub menu select 'Settings'. This will take you to the 'Business Settings' for your active business unit.
Select the 'Integrations' tab to access export type.
Business > Settings > Integrations

If you are exporting to a local file it will be downloaded by your browser.
If you export to Xero, QuickBooks Online or SmartSync then we will get feedback from the accounts system if the invoice was received and posted correctly. The 'export status' for each exported invoice will be updated accordingly based on the response.

Mark invoice workflow complete

If you are a tenancy admin you can manually override any failed workflows and mark them complete.
To do this select the invoices you wish to mark complete and click the 'Mark complete' button in the toolbar.
NB: This button will not be visible unless you are a tenancy admin.

Row density and customise visible columns and order

To change row density or customise columns click the 'Edit table settings' button to open the table settings side panel.

Row density can be set to 'compact', 'default' or 'large' using the buttons under the general settings heading.

The columns visible and the order of them will be set to the Zahara default initially. If these don't fit your specific requirements you can change them on a per user basis.
You can select or deselect from a range of possible options including all the "basic" columns and any "custom" columns your business may have.
Switch between basic and custom columns by clicking the tabs. Each column will have a switch to toggle it's visibility.
It is also possible to re-order them from left to right, however, custom columns will always come after your selected  basic columns.
You can also re-order them (top -> bottom will read left -> right). To do this either select the column and use the arrows on the right or you can drag and drop columns into their new position.

Filter or search the invoices list

There are a variety of ways in which you can reduce the invoices in the list to the ones you're more specifically interested in.
The filter and search section can be toggled in and out of view using the 'filter' button on the far right of the toolbar.
Within this section you have three filters available to you.
  1. Date Range - This filter allows you to view only the invoices that fall between a specific range of dates.
  2. Approval Status - Use this filter to select the approval status of the invoices you wish to view. You can select more than one status if required.
  3. Export Status - Like approval status, you can use this filter to select the export status of the invoices you wish to view. This filter also accepts multiple selections.
These filters are not mutually exclusive. You can use any combination to target a more specific range of invoices. For example you could choose to view only invoices that have been 'approved' but 'not exported' that were created 'this month'.

You also have the option to search for specific invoices using the free text search field.

Open an invoice

From the invoices list you can open any of the invoices in the 'view invoice' screen. From there you will have access to the full range of actions for invoices.
To open an invoice simply click on the invoice number of the desired invoice.

Open a purchase order

Similarly to viewing invoices, you can also view any of the purchase orders associated to an invoice. To open a purchase order in the 'view purchase order' screen click the desired order's number in the 'purchase order number' column.

View supplier details

If you wish to view the specific details of an invoice's supplier you can click the supplier's name for that invoice. This will open the 'view suppliers' screen.

Check the approval workflow status / progress

Clicking on the approval status of an invoice will open the 'workflow progress' sidebar. Here you will be able to see in more detail all of the workflows and their steps associated to that invoice.
If an invoice has multiple active workflows only the first will be expanded to show the steps involved. The others can be opened by clicking on the workflow name.
Each workflow shows the steps involved and their status. You will also be able to see the approver(s) if the step requires user approval in the top right. Hover of the initials of an approver to reveal their full name in a tooltip.

User Survey

At Zahara we're always interested in what you have to say and welcome any feedback. The UX team invite you to complete this short survey to help us improve Zahara.

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