Labels - customising Zahara

Labels - customising Zahara

Zahara comes with pre-set labels for things like GL code, Cost Code & Projects. You can rename these to suit. Head to Business > Settings> Labelling.

You will then see the following screen:


First off, when you make any changes to the labels, use Save as at the top and create a profile. Then make sure that profile is set. The plural of these are the menu items and the single are the line item values.

Division / Divisions

The plural of these are the menu items - so Divisions in the Business Menu and Divisions on the section. You might want to rename this to Department.
The single of this will appear on the Purchase screen or Invoice Screen.

Division Settings VAT reg

This is a very European label and is found within the Division settings.

Nominal Codes / Nominal Code

You say Nominal I say GL! Or Account Code or Buying category. Whatever you call it you can change it to suit.

Tax Code / Tax Codes

You can rename these to suit - such as tax rates.

Cost Code / Cost Codes

These have always been an arbitrary line item value that you can use any way you want. Now you can name them to suit.

Postal Code / Zip

Whatever you need to call it, you can. This will appear. This will display in the Divisions and the Business Unit.

Project / Projects

You may prefer Job or Event.

Supplier / Suppliers

Our US customers already have Vendor set for them but this term is again mainly used in the UK. No matter what you call them, you can rename it to suit.

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