Release 46

Release 46

The latest release of Zahara has some new features as set out below:

New Features

Invoice Inbox - Generate your own email address

You can now generate your own email address in Business > Settings > Invoices Email.
We urge you to do this quickly because each address has to be unique. The email address will be a address.
Read the help article explaining it here

Send emails to your suppliers as part of your invoice approval workflow

We now have a placeholder in the "send email" step for invoice approvals, that allows you to email your suppliers. You might like to tell them that their invoice has been approved and that they can expect payment in due course. You can record different email address types in the supplier records and the default for this will be the remittance address. If you only have one email address, that will be used instead. You will find the placeholder in the To field of the email step.

Invoice Exceeds Order Condition

We have had this difference condition for a long time now but you can also choose one now that only invokes if the difference is higher - so the invoice is exceeds than the order value.

Performance Improvement

We have tuned the budget progress report so that it runs much faster and produced the Excel spreadsheet correctly,
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