Release 48

Release 48

A new release of Zahara was published on Saturday with new features and bug fixes


We have extended our Xero functionality to include:

Importing of Draft Invoices from Xero into Zahara.
We are now "Receipt Bank" friendly. You can now setup Zahara to import invoices from Xero that are perhaps arriving in your drafts from Receipt Bank or AutoEntry. Here is a help article explaining it.

Map Tracking Categories to either Cost Codes of Projects
We have created the functionality now so that you can choose which of your Tracking categories maps to either Costs Codes or Projects in Zahara. This functionality is made available to you if your Projects are blank. Click here to see the help article.

Second Reference - Counter

Most people use Purchases instead of iBuy (Requisitions) and most of our customers are happy with the fact that the purchase order number is generated immediately. However, we have now introduced the functionality where a second reference can be used and a separate number generated for the supplier's purchase order PDF at the point of either sending the PO or approving the request. You will then work with two numbers - the internal requisition number (the existing number range you use) and the external number range that the suppliers see. Here is the help article explaining it.

Two-Factor Authentication

For those customers on Enterprise or Unlimited edition, you can now deploy two-factor authentication. We need to enable it as a feature for your account. You will then need to enable it for your users. This will then give you a new level of security as each user's login is locked to each browser and device. We use the Google Authenticator tool available on Android and iOS devices. Click here to read more.

Compulsory Comments

This was actually released on the last release - 47 - but didn't get the limelight it deserves. You can enable Mandatory comments for approvals - both for email and portal approvals. The help article explains it here.
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