Release 50

Release 50

We are pleased to say we have updated Zahara with some new features and refinements. 

GRN Accrual - Full   

The existing Accrual GRN report is designed for those orders where no invoice exists. This new cone of the report is designed for orders where an invoice has been recorded but the GRN is still not complete. 

Gross Up - All Exports (Not VAT registered organisations)

For all of the available exports, you can now enable Gross up. This means that you can purchase true - ie £100 + VAT. = £120. When it comes to recording the invoice, you may want to put this into your accounts system as £120 inc vat and in-fact we don't care about the VAT because we can't claim it back. In this case you can enable Gross up and set your tax included tax Rate. We have provided this for a while with Xero, but now offer it for all exports. You will find this feature in Business > Settings > Integrations 

Sage 50 CSV Consolidate 

For those not using Sage 50 Sync, and relying on the CSV export, we have added a consolidate features. This means all of the line-items of the invoice will be consolidated down to the minimum possible, consolidating the Nominal Code & Tax Codes. If enabled, you can choose what the narrative will be made up of. There are three choices. You will find this feature in Business > Settings > Integrations - Sage 50 CSV. Have a look at our help article.

Bank Details 

We have now expanded the payments tab to include more bank details. This tab will only be shown to those with the finance role. Bank details will not be masked from now on. The purpose of these value is for forward planning. We will be releasing our new built-in OCR software functionality soon and we can check bank details on an invoice with those on record. This can prevent spoofed invoices. We recommend these bank details are populated over time. 

Xero - Syncing 

With all Xero syncs, we now provide a progress bar so you can see what's happening. 

New PO Template - Placeholders 

We have created some additional place-holders for the PO template Last Approver and All approvers. These can be applied to your template to reveal who approved the PO. The placeholders are: {all_approvers_names} & {last_approver_name}

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