Release 51

Release 51

Built-in Invoice Processing 
So it's finally here. Built-in invoice processing / OCR is now released and we have given everyone 50 invoices to have a play. What this means is this. Invoices emailed into Zahara can be automatically read and all the line items populated for you. Literally hands-free processing of the invoice. Nothing to install, all built-in to Zahara. There is so much more to come on this but for now, if you want to give it a go, read the supporting help article. This first phase has no warnings or visual clues to errors yet. The next releases will have more validations, and better page handling. 

Zahara 3 - New Invoices Page 
We've finally released our new look Zahara - what we call Zahara 3. The new invoices page will be in your Document menu. This will eventually replace the existing one. When you go into this you enter new Zahara - so allow a few seconds for it to load - and then you should find the viewing of the lists faster. We are busily working on the purchases list and invoice inbox so you can stay in Z3 longer. We would like feedback on this. Its a massive technological change as well as aesthetic UX change. 

Secured Approvals
Now you can choose to have approvals by email secured so that the user must login. We've made it as simple as possible. The approver will log in to the browser and upon login go straight to the approval record or their choice of approve or reject will be completed. You can enable this in Business > Settings > Approvals

Invoice Creation 
We have changed the blank invoice template so that only one blank line item is created now. This may save some time for some users frustrated at having to delete it.

Restricted Viewing
We have changed the restricted viewing setting. With this enabled, the user can only see things they have originated (see their own stuff). We have changed this to see their own documents and anything they have approved.  This made good sense. 

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