Release 52

Release 52

Line by Line Matching Balance‚Äč

You can match an order and invoice together in the usual way. You will now notice you can see the balance on each line. You can see this in both the Order and the invoice.

Balance value in List Views 

There is a new "balance" value you can display in both the Orders and Invoices List views. This tell you the actual difference between and order and an invoice.

Invoice Express -  Remaining Invoice count 

At the bottom of the Invoices Inbox list view, you will notice the remaining count of invoices allocated to your tenancy. If you haven't yet tried Invoice Express, we suggest you do. It's very accurate and easy to use. 

Invoices Inbox - ID Field 

In the Invoices Inbox list view you can now display an ID field. This is a sequential number and allows you to see the order the invoices arrived. This is useful if you get a lot of invoices from the same supplier in the same day.  

Invoice Express - document conversions 

We added in the conversion of Word & Excel invoices into PDF and therefore able to be processed. 

Invoice Express - Bank Detail validation 

We now recognise bank details and in the first instance saved them to your vendor record. Then for subsequent invoices we check and will alert you if these change. 

New workflow step - Set field to Value 

You can now change the value of a custom field as part of a workflow. This is designed for an invoice "Payment Status" custom field that could be set to "Ready for Payment" at the end of an invoice workflow. 

Zahara 3 - Purchase Order View (Beta)

We have now added the second of the new Zahara 3 screens - Purchases. Now when you switch from Purchases to Invoices (both beta links) you will get a much better idea of the speed Zahara will be and the new look. The development team have now concluded all new features under the existing Zahara 2 and the conversion into Zahara 3 will continue at pace. 

MYOB AccountRight Integration 

We have released our integration to MYOB. Now under Business > Settings > Integrations you can connect a Zahara Business Unit to a MYOB company.
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