Release 53

Release 53

We have released a. update to Zahara with new features including: 

Single Sign-On - SSO  
Due to popular demand, we have now enabled "Login with Microsoft" and "Login with Google". You will notice the new icons on the login screen. Here is the help article explaining how to make this work. 

Advanced / Multi-Grouped Purchase Orders
You can now create a Multi-Grouped purchase order. This means when raising a PO, you can set the Division to Multi-grouped pushing the Division field down onto the line items. This allows procurement managers to create purchases with assignments across multiple budgets and with multiple concurrent approvals. See the help article on this. 

Projects - Notes Section 
We have added a new Notes section to Projects. Now when you edit a Project you can add notes in a separate tabbed area. 

Invoice Inbox - Access Permissions
We have changed the Invoice Inbox so you now only need a Finance role for each division of a single Business Unit. Before this release, you needed Finance & Admin roles for every single Division in every single Business Unit. This will also limit the user to only seeing invoices for the Business Unit that they are a member of. 

Saving Invoice PDF's to DropBox / OneDrive / Other
We have extended our Zapier functionality so you can now save Invoice PDF's to your chosen cloud-based storage account such as DropBox. This means that as invoices arrive in Zahara - say via the Inbox, you can store them in an alternative location as well as Zahara. Here is the help article explaining how to set this up.  

Supplier Portal 
It is now possible to create user accounts for your key suppliers or subcontractors and have them log into Zahara and record their own invoices. We have created a permission restriction so the supplier can only see records relating to their supplier record. Here is the help article explaining how to set this up. 

Invoice Express - Suppliers Name 
Our built-in invoice recognition, Invoice Express, primarily matches the supplier's name from their email address. We do get the suppliers name back in the OCR results as well and these are the exact name as per the country authorities assignment - ie UK - Companies House. This value will now be populated in the SmartName field in the supplier record. You can then edit your supplier name to match the SmartName if you choose to increase your chances of us identifying the supplier name, when the email recognition has failed. 

Division Settings - Nominal / Cost / Project Restrictions 
We have changed the colour of the restricted codes from Red to Green. This means the Green ones are the ones that are shown in the drop-down lists. The lists are restricted to these values. 

Exchequer export 
We have added the Project code to the Exchequer Excel export

GRN Accruals Report
We have added the project code to this report

Invoice PDF Viewer
We have changed the settings on the PDF Viewer so the mouse wheel will not cause a sudden shrinking of the image. 

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