Release 57 - Latest Release

Release 57 - Latest Release

Zahara has been updated with various bug fixes and improvements as well as the following new features / changes:

Zahara 3 - Invoice List - Export 

We have increased the functionality of the export button. Now you can export to PDF, CSV, your integration and everything that needs exporting. 
You can now manually override the export status for any failed exports. Tick the invoice and select the Update button. Export status will be available. 

This has been removed now as the Zahara 3 invoice inbox is far superior to use. 

Budget - commit on Required date 

You can now set a purchase to apply the budget on the required date. You will need to enable this as a feature in Business > Settings > Budget. Also you will need to enable a line item required date. This will then allow pre payment scenarios in Zahara. 

Disputed Invoice Report 

We have added the "reason" or last approvers comment to this report to make it more useful. This report is nested under Invoices in the reporting grid. 

Renamed OCR Tab in Business Settings 

To avoid confusion we have renamed the OCR Tab to SmartSync. As Invoice Express has become more used and SmartInvoice less used, this made sense. 

New Invoice Export Type - Twinfield

We have created a new export for the Twinfield accounting system as requested by a client. This can be found in Business > Settings > Integrations 

Update to Supplier Payment Terms 

You can now set a suppliers payment terms to "End of Invoice Month Date" - This is available when switching to Other and then selecting the new available choice. 

Mobile App - Approvals 

Version 2.0 of the mobile app with a new look and Approvals will be available in the two App stores in the next few days. This will now be usable by all approvers for quick swipe approvals or more involved coding approvals as well as the existing functionality of creating and receipting orders. 

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