Release Notes - 6/3/2020

Release Notes - 6/3/2020

The latest release of SmartSync - is now available to download or upgrade 
The following features have been incorporated: 

#7309: Profile:
Allow the Download of Invoice PDFs on Export

#7398: Profile:
Option to Specify the Type of Exchange Rate Option to Apply to Transactions

#7403: Data Transfer:
Improve Handling of Exchange Rates for Public Holiday Dates

#7351: Libraries:
Support Lock Date Detection into the Removal of an Invoice Dispute Statuses (Sage 50)

#7442: Data Transfer:
Use the After() Method for Retrieving Purchase Orders from Zahara

#7464: Libraries:
Change the Default Process IDs from -1 (Automatic) to 0 (None) (Zahara API)

#7255: Profile:
Add Project Item Placeholders for Invoices and Purchase Orders

#7256: Profile:
Add Business Unit Placeholders for Invoices and Purchase Orders

#7263: Profile:
Add Support for Conditional String Replacement Placeholders

#7444: Libraries:
Add Support for Conditional Parameter Item Values in Method Definitions in the Table Map
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