Exporting Invoices to Sage 50 using CSV

Exporting Invoices to Sage 50 using CSV

There are a few steps to export your invoices from Zahara into Sage 50 using CSV. First off the integration in Business > Settings > Integrations needs to be set to Sage 50 CSV. 
There is an option to set to consolidate. Please read this help article to understand how to use that. 

Next up, you need to make sure you have permission to export Invoices. This is controlled in Business > Settings > Validations. Make sure your name and any others are selected with a Ctrl-Click and then save the changes. 

Now you can head back to the invoices list view and select invoices for export. Just tick the relevant ones and then click the Export button on the top right 

A CSV file should now be downloaded to your PC. You now need to head over to Sage. 
In Sage, click File > Import > Audit Trail Transactions 
You now need to create a mappings profile for the fields in the CSV file. They are as follows: 

CSV Column
CSV Column Type
Sage Field Name

Supplier Code
Account Reference
Nominal code
Nominal A/C Ref

Department ***
Cost Code
Cost Code Refn
Project Code
Project Refn
Net Amount
Net Amount
Tax Code
Tax Code
Tax Amount
Tax Amount


*** Setting Department Reference
The department reference column comes from the Division ID option in Business > Division > Edit Division > Division ID 

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