Second ref counter - Creating a separate purchase order number

Second ref counter - Creating a separate purchase order number


Normally a user of Zahara has the purchase order number generated as soon as the order is raised. An order is raised and sent for approval and the supplier can then receive a purchase order PDF with this number on it. The number is instantly visible to the originator, as soon as the request is submitted. For the vast majority of our users, this is perfectly adequate and presents very few if any issues.

Some have stated though that it would be better if the number - the order number - that is sent to the supplier,  isn't known to the originator until the order is approved. This prevents the originator circumventing the approval process and phoning the order number through to the supplier. We have listed to this feedback and provided a solution in the second ref counter.

A new, separate sequential number range can now be generated and populated into the Second Ref field and provided to the supplier on the Purchase Order PDF. This means the originator will never know the actual purchase order number until its generated and issued.

How it works

Enable the Second Ref field in Business > Settings  > Defaults

Switch this to On.
Now switch on the counter and set a start number.

Next decide when you want the number to be generated. The choice is "On Approval" or "On sent to supplier"

On Approval
The purchase will need to go into an approval process for this to work. Make sure you have your workflows and default workflow set correctly and that the buyers cannot over ride this.

On sent to Supplier
For this to work you would ideally have a "send to supplier" workflow step or a approval process that sends an email to the originator telling them to send off the order. If the originator is sending the order manually, from within the order, they will need to click the send icon - the number will only be generated as part of this step or the workflow step.

Adjusting your Purchase Order Template

Once setup, you will need to adjust your purchase order template to use the second ref field. Head to Business > Settings > Templates and find the PO template. Replace the placeholder below as shown:


Invoice Processing

When recording invoices, the order number fields will now be shown as the two numbers together ie 1099 | 9001
In this example 1099 is the order number (the original number) and 9001 is the second ref number.
You can add the second ref field into your invoice lists and purchase lists so you can clearly see both sets of numbers.

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