Slow approvals

Slow approvals

There are essentially two ways to approve a document in Zahara, either from the website or from a link set in an approval email. 

If you are finding the approval process to be slow when approving from an email link, then it’s likely being caused by an email security filtering system such as Mimecast. These systems work by inspecting links before they get to the user as well as by checking the website once a user has clicked on a link within an email. The system will typically load the intended site in its own sandbox environment, inspect the entire page for any malicious code and when it’s done, redirect the user to the intended page. All the user will see is a loading page while this all happens in the background. If you are finding your approvals take too long to process, then ask your IT team to Whitelist (or bypass) Zahara from the filtering system entirely.  

Mimecast have an article on how to achieve this here. 

If you are finding Approvals are slow from the website itself then the cause is likely the same. A proxy service, internal firewall or AntiVirus software that is inspecting each link clicked before finally serving it to the user. You may notice this more with Zahara approvals than other sites because each approval link is completely unique, unlike another site where you are going back and forth to pages that are remaining unchanged. The resolution here is the same process as for email approvals; Add Zahara as a trusted site to your security system(s) so that the links aren’t continuously being checked and subsequently slowed down.  
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