SmartSync Release Notes - 17/7/2019

SmartSync Release Notes - 17/7/2019

Version is now available to download or upgrade to

Inlcuded in this release:

This version now support SQL server as well as Microsoft Access. The SQL scripts have all be updated to deploy onto a SQL server.

Data: Update the SQL Server Tables Script for SSDB32.0 -
Data: Reconfigure the Database Update Code to Support SQL Server
Data Transfer: Support Sending Multi-Grouped Invoices to Zahara

Profile Changes
Profile: Add a Setting for Applying Budgets to Invoices on Zahara
Profile: Add Line Item Placeholders to the Ref and ExRef Templates
Profile: Add an Option to Skip Cost Code and Project When Posting to Sage 50
Profile: Add a Button to Reset Template Fields Back to the Default Value

UI: Improve the 'Deleted from Local Database' Message in the Invoice Audit
UI: Update the Invoice Edit Screen to Support Multi-Grouped Invoices
UI: Prevent the User from Clicking the Run Now Buttons Repeatedly

Downloads: Configure New Download Path for SmartInvoice Templates
Downloads: Support the Update of SmartInvoice Settings with a SQL Connection String

All SmartInvoice customers should upgrade their current template when upgrading SmartSync. This can be done from within the SmartSync application.
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