Unapproved Purchase Order detection

Unapproved Purchase Order detection

Added as part of release 54

You can ensure that your team are not circumventing your approval processes by turning on "Unapproved Purchase Order detection". A determined user may ignore your purchase order approval process and place an order with your supplier by simply handing out a PO number or placing the order manually before it's been approved.

"Unapproved Purchase Order detection" is designed to highlight when an invoice has been added against a PO that is either Pending approval or has been Rejected.

To enable this feature, head to Business > Settings > Validation > Unapproved Purchase Order Detection:

Once enabled, you can choose the following options:
  1. Highlight Documents: this will highlight to the user adding the invoice, that it's associated with a PO that is either Pending approval or Rejected
  2. Options:
    1. None - This does nothing and perhaps only highlights it to the user adding the invoice
    2. Notify Head of Business - This will send an email (see template location below), to the user marked as "Head of Business" in Business>Settings>Defaults
    3. Notify Head of Division - This is the same as above, but the email will go to the user marked as "Head of Division" in Business>Divisions>Edit Division
    4. Notify Both - This is the same as above, but will send the email to both "Head of Business" and "Head of Division"
    5. Notify Email Address - This is the same as above, but the "Notification Email" box will then be available for you to add a specific email address to send the email to
    6. Restrict Invoice Posting - This will stop the user from being able to add the invoice to Zahara. This is not a recommend option, as it will mean that the invoice will sit outside of the system which reduces visibility of what is actually going on
There is an email template for these available in Business>Settings>Templates>Email Templates>Unapproved order detection

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