Whitelisting Zahara's Emails (via myzahara.net)

Whitelisting Zahara's Emails (via myzahara.net)

Since your Email Service Provider likely uses some type of spam filter; we suggest that you add us to your trusted list of senders, also known as “Whitelisting.”

You will need to whitelist myzahara.net as this will be the domain sending emails (e.g., orders@myzahara.net).

If you're not receiving emails from Zahara, this should be one of the first troubleshooting steps taken. 

How to:

The steps will vary slightly depending on your email provider, but should be fairly basic as you will essentially just need to add us to your list of approved senders, domains or "whitelist".  Whoever is administrating your email, e.g. your internal IT would be the best choice to action this. 

Specific provider guides can be found below:

Any spam filters in place should also allow for whitelisting of the required domain.

Alternatively you can use your own SMTP settings:  SMTP Guide

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