Release 54

Release 54

We have released an update to Zahara with the following changes 

New logo and login screen 
We are completing our transition to retire the older Zahara logo, replacing it with the smaller mobile app logo. As a result the login screen has changed with a static picture. We hope you like it!

Zahara 3 
We have added a Zahara 3 switch now for everyone. You can switch in and out of Zahara 3 very easily. Once in Z3 it should be quicker and smoother to switch from say Invoices to the new Invoice Inbox. Once we complete the creation of Invoices and purchases in Z3 more users will be able to stay in Zahara 3 for longer. This is an ongoing transition which will take a number of months to complete. 

Invoice Inbox - PDF Viewing 
More work has gone into the most important part of Zahara right now. This includes improvements to the PDF displaying. The first screen should appear faster and the hand over to the second screen should be quicker as well. You can also try this in Zahara 3 which is faster again. Every piece of feedback you give us is going into making this tool better. 

Invoice Inbox - Additional Fields 
You can now add into the display in V2 and V3 additional fields such as the invoice number and the matched supplier. This means that after the invoice has been received and read (assuming OCR is enabled), you can see additional values in the list view. 

Invoice Inbox Permissions
We have changed the permissions on the Inbox so that someone can access the inbox on a Business Unit by Business Unit basis. If someone has the finance or Admin role for every Division in a Business Unit, they will be able to see the Inbox and the invoices sent to their Business Unit(s). 

Flag-up unapproved orders
When creating invoices, you choose a supplier and then see the list of available purchase orders for that supplier. We are now showing you in these lists, when the order is unapproved. 

Unapproved Order handling 
This is a new feature that you can enable in Business > Settings > Validations. 
You can enable set options on how to handle Invoices that are being processed against un approved orders. Please read this help article to find out more. 

Invoice Audit Trail 
You can now create a custom report based on the Invoices dataset and one of the available fields is Invoice 'Approval Trail' - this will allow you to run off a report showing you all the people who actioned the invoice. 

Month End Cut Off Dates 
This is a new features that allows you to change the date of an invoice when its exported into the finance system. You can set a cut of date for each Business Unit and each month - head to Business > Settings > Advanced. Enable the feature and then set the cut off date - we have a range from the 25th of the month up to the 6th of the next month. You can then set how the data is affected. Is it set to the last date of the last month or the first day of the next month. Here is the dedicated help article

Small cosmetic changes
Order Not Exists - in workflows, we were becoming used to this but have finally changed the display to "Order Does Not Exist". We have changed a label in the supplier record for the user lock field - its now says Supplier Portal User Lock - if you don't know what it is, don't touch it!  And finally when going into the supplier record and looking at their history, it was oldest first. We have changed this to newest first - the past is gone - its move on!

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